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Install Python and PyCharm

Python – Get Started

“Install Python and PyCharm” So far we have read the theoretical part of Python but now we will focus on the practical part and in the practical part we will learn to “How to install Python on windows ? “ in your computer or laptop” and will also read about the IDEs of Python to see which IDE we have to work on. We will also see “How to install PyCharm on windows? “.

How to install Python on your PC and MACs

Most of the PCs and MACs will have already installed Python.

How to check if you have Python installed on a windows PC :-

1. Search in the start bar, then
2. Type CMD in the search bar.
3. To Open CMD to run the following on the command line.

C : \ Users \ Your Name \ Python – -version

How to check if you have Python installed on a Linux or MACs :-

1. On Linux, Open the Command Line.
2. On MACs, Open the Terminal.
3. Type.

Python – – version

Download Python on Windows or MAC

If you find that you do not have installed Python on your PCs and MACs, then you can download it for free from the following website and Click on Downloads

Python IDE

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is basically understand your program code much better than a text editor. It usually provides some features such as Build Automation, Code Linting, Testing and Debugging. This can significantly speed up your work. The only drawback is that IDEs can be complicated to use.

There are some best Python IDEs are :-

We have choosing PyCharm as a Python IDE.

How to install PyCharm ?

1. Click on this link : and then download the Community Edition.

How to download and install pycharm in your PC or MAC

2. Install the download file.

For Windows users : Double click on the .exe file and follow the installation steps for the default PyCharm installation.

For MACs users : Double click on the .dmg file and drag PyCharm to the application folder.

3. Launch PyCharm.

For Windows users : If you have followed the default installation process then you can see the PyCharm icon on your Computer desktop. If you don’t find the icon then go to the PyCharm folder – C:\Program Files\JetBrains\PyCharm Community Edition 2019.2\bin  (the path may be different for your system) and click on the PyCharm .exe file to open the IDE.

For MACs users : Go to the Applications folder and then click on the PyCharm icon. or you can also drag the icon to your dock to open the IDE quickly by clicking on the icon in dock.