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Introduction to Python Programming

Python – Introduction

“Introduction to Python Programming”  As you have already read the heading , we will show a basic introduction of Python programming which will not be too big, it will be very simple and small introduction. We will give an overview of Python, inside which we will study about like ‘what is python’ , ‘when was python created ‘ who created python, python uses etc. So let’s start the introduction of python.

What is Python ?

Python is a High-level , Interpreted , Interactive and Object-Oriented Scripting Language is known as Python. It was created by “Sir Guido Van Rossum” in 1991. The most trending Computer Language of today.

Introduction to Python Programming

What are the uses of Python ?

  • Web Development


  • Software Development


  • System Scripting


  • Hacking


  • Back end


  • Testing


  • Games


What are the advantages of Python ?

  • It is Easy to learn


  • High – level Language


  • User – friendly Data Structures


  • Open Source and Community Development


  • Object – Oriented Language


  • Portable and Interactive


  • Productivity and Speed


  • Dynamically Typed Language


  • Extensive Support Libraries


What are the applications of Python ?

  • Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) Based Desktop Applications


  • Operating Systems


  • Language Development


  • Prototyping


  • Web Frameworks and Web Applications


  • Enterprise and Business Applications


Important aspect of Python is :-

One of the important aspect of Python is that “PLATFORM INDEPENDENT“, that means Compile once and Run on any Operating System.