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Domains of Python Programming

Python – Domains

“Domains of Python Programming” Python is a general purpose programming language which means it is capable enough of to do a lot more things, there is a reason why tech giants like Facebook, Google, Spotify, Instagram are using python to build parts of their tech stacks, and the reason is because of it’s versatile nature, by python being versatile we mean that it has a wide range of domains ( Web applications, Machine learning etc. ) on which one can work upon.

From building a simple website with the help of Django Framework to performing high end things like Machine learning, Scientific programming, Data Analysis etc. Python has come a long way.


Some of the significant domains of python



  • Artificial Intelligence ( AI )


    Artificial Intelligence is concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence or a way of making a computer, a computer – controlled robot, or a software think and work intelligently, in the similar manner the intelligent humans thinks.



  • Machine Leaning ( ML )


    Machine Learning is basically about extracting knowledge from the data and It is a research field at the intersection of statistics, artificial intelligence, and computer science. Machine learning is also known as Predictive analytics or Statistical learning.



  • Data Analytics ( DA )


    Data Analytics is a combination of process to extract information from the Data set . There are various techniques which is expand in order to collect, transform, cleanse and convert into understandable data visualization.

    To understand data analytics, we should have knowledge of these things :-

    ⇒ Some of the Programming
    ⇒ Statistics
    ⇒ Domain Knowledge



  • Deep Learning ( DL )


    Deep Learning is basically a subset of machine learning in Artificial Intelligence that has networks which are capable of learning data representatives, as opposed to task – specific algorithms. Leanings can be divided into three parts supervised, semi-supervised or unsupervised.



  • Internet of Things ( IOT )


    The Internet of Things is defined as ” A network of internet connected objects able to collect and exchange data.” It is commonly abbreviated as IOT . The word “Internet of Things” has divided into two main parts i.e. the Internet being the backbone of connectivity and the things meaning objects / devices.



  • Web Development


    Web Development is defined as the creating and maintenance of websites for hosting via the internet or the intranet.

    Web Development may consist of simply designing web pages to building a web application such as Flipkart and Facebook which run in a web browser.



  • Ethical Hacking


    Hacking is a process of finding vulnerabilities in a system and using that vulnerabilities to gain an unauthorized access to that system with evil intentions to perform malicious activities.

    There are two types hacking i.e. Ethical Hacking and Non – Ethical.